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Bluegrass Christian Voice

Keeping Christ at the forefront of all that we write and report, Bluegrass Christian Voice provides information that is relevant to Christians in addition to providing inspirational and entertaining content for living.

Connecting the community

As a resource to connect the Christian community, Bluegrass Christian Voice provides a platform to share events, news and general information about what is happening in Central Kentucky.

Rhonda Dragomir

Editor, Bluegrass Christian Voice

Rhonda is the Editor of Bluegrass Christian Voice. Rhonda and her family live in Kentucky horse country, in the idyllic small town of Wilmore. A graduate of Asbury University with a degree in Social Work, she is a committed pastor’s wife and Bible teacher. Rhonda is also an award-winning writer, with her writing highlighted in various publications.

Dale Dragomir

Co-Editor, Bluegrass Christian Voice

Dale is the Co-Editor of Bluegrass Christian Voice. Dale was born in Alliance, Ohio, and is a graduate of Malone University and Asbury Theological Seminary. He has more than thirty years of experience as a pastor and speaker. His current assignment from the Lord is bi-vocational, pastoring the Wilmore Christian Church and representing several companies selling insurance products. Whether in the church or the business world, Dale cares about people and loves to encourage them.

Rhonda Krill

Editor, One Christian Voice

A former high school English teacher, Rhonda began publishing community newsletters in 1994. However, when she started One Christian Voice, the vision was simply to provide an online list of local Christian events. But God had other plans, and One Christian Voice began growing as a network of Christian news forums in this beloved country of the United States.

Who We Are

One Christian Voice is the outer shell for the group of individual news forums within the United States. Each division shares the same standards, guidelines, and principles but is otherwise an autonomous news entity for its community. These are some of the awesome people who make up what One Christian Voice is.

Del Duduit

Editor, Southern Ohio Christian Voice

Angie Duduit

Co-Editor, Southern Ohio Christian Voice

Beckie Lindsey

Editor, Southern California Christian Voice

Sarah Dickens

Editor, Atlanta Christian Voice

Kurt Kolka

Editor, North Michigan Christian Voice

Joyce Glass

Editor, Middle Georgia Christian Voice

Elaina Youngblood

Marketing Manager

Joe Moreland

Editor, Austin Christian Voice

Reid Ashbaucher

Editor, NW Ohio Christian Voice

Terese Belme

Editor, Northern California Christian Voice

Cynthia Clara

Editor, Tampa Christian Voice

Astharte De Los Santos

Editor, Dade Christian Voice

Rita Thomas

Editor, Middle Arkansas Christian Voice

Laurie Sanders

Editor, Charlotte Christian Voice

Connie Clyburn

Editor, East Tennessee Christian Voice

Lisa Kibler

Editor, Northeast Ohio Christian Voice

Rachel Woodford

Editor, Treasure Coast Voice

Melissa Cole

Editor, Central North Carolna Voice

What We Do

Andy Clapp

Co-Editor, Central North Carolna Voice

Promoting Christ by promoting the good things Christians are doing to share the love of God with our world is also a big part of our purpose.

We put Christ first in all that we publish and promote, keeping in mind that whatever news is going on in our world, our ultimate purpose is to glorify God.

…With One mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rom. 15:6

Coast to Coast

From the East Coast of Florida to the West Coast of California, One Christian Voice, Inc. provides news to over twenty five regions within the United States. We publish articles about everyday people living out their faith; their struggles, their triumphs their extraordinary stories and their ordinary stories that make up life in these United States.

News & Events

We share Christian news with a local, state, national and world focus. From stories of victory and success to stories of concern, we provide content that is relevant to the Christian community.


Our lifestyle column provides content for living including Christian entertainment, books, movies, recipes and family living, health and more.


In addition to offering a daily reading from the 365 Day Bible, we share articles and videos from pastors and bloggers to inspire and uplift you on your faith journey.